The first post

And so it begins... I've finally joined the 21st Century in order to wax lyrical about, inevitably, food and films and anything else that catches my eye.

Why The Lambshank Redemption? Well, it was the best film / food pun I could come up with at the time, Dine Hard was already taken and I thought Cool Hand Soup might be just a little too obscure. I also toyed with calling it Worth Eating, to take a look at the good deals that are out there but, frankly, I'm a little bored with with all the credit crunch stuff. Besides, I can still talk value meals here AND go off on assorted tangents. It's win win. Or like being stuck in a pub with me when my beer buzz starts to hit. You decide.

So, what to expect from this blog? Well, idle ramblings. Some pointers to good food, films, the occasional comment on restaurants, DVDs, possibly a recipe or two, classic film and food moments and, almost certainly comments on a few cupboard essentials, plus details of my 'adventures' in and around the food industry.

And, very probably, a lot of cheese.


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