Monday Monday

Another week, another load of foodie opportunities. And a movie or two. On that note, why is food in cinemas so bad? Yes, you can take the Curzon Soho out of this rant - thank you Konditor & Cook for your slightly overpriced but generally lovely stuff - but are popcorn, something purporting to be nachos and average hotdogs really the best the chains can do?

Inevitably, anyone with a vague interest in food is forced to find somewhere outside the cinema and smuggle stuff in or wolf down a quick snack before going in. It's not ideal but, on the plus side, I do now know of assorted little places around Leicester Square and Soho, from great pot-stickers in Chinatown, to the Californian-style burritos on Berwick Street, via a decent falafel or a big bowl of spicy soup. I guess I'd better start charting these, so stand by your beds. Or your monitors, which is probably more appropriate.

Today, I have to - have to! ha! - interview Alesha Dixon in Kensington so sense a Ranoush coming on. Is there a better chicken shawarma available anywhere? Please tell me if there is. One of those, a mango juice...utter garlic-infused, fatty and sweet perfection. That'll be followed later by some Canadian food at one of Food4Media's (usually good) networking events. I really don't know what to expect? Chicken wings perhaps?

Tomorrow is looking exciting as well. A sweetbreads class at Gaucho with William 'The Boy Done Food' Leigh, a little work in the pm on a new idea we've had - more to follow when it's gone past the planning stage - and then bowling, Woodford Reserve cocktails and some of All Star Lanes impreccable bar snacks with the always entertaining Nidal and the chaps from Square Mile magazine.

After that, there's Thursday burrito challenge to look forward to - who does the best burritos in London? Wait til Thursday and find out - and an afternoon of cocktails, great company and delicious Indian food at New Tayyabs on Friday. Seriously, this is so much better than work...


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