Bloody Mondays

Sheesh. You make all these vows about upping the game and blogging daily and cooking stuff and then a bloody Monday comes along and knocks it all out of whack. Bugger. That and a silly Q&A thing involving Facebook and my iPod went down a very odd crossdressing route. And that, my friends, is how rumours start.

Never mind. It is a work in progress and it will happen. Oh yes. It WILL happen. Besides tomorrow - or, er, today, as it's also called - is shaping up to more than make up for today's not-terribly-exciting food score. Tuesday is a breakfast meeting (about a big foodie project and more on that in due course) at Canteen, lunch at Bentley's - in advance of interviewing Richard Corrigan next week which I'm quite pathetically excited about - and dinner at Tom Ilic. The possibilities of eating myriad forms of pork - not forgetting today's slow-to-arrive-but-generally-worth-the-wait pork enchilada at Mexicali - are so great I'm starting to wonder why I didn't think of a more oink-y punning name for the blog: The Pig Kahuna anyone?


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