Just me or did it really feel like a Monday today? It was a real struggle to get my head - and my arse - into gear and I ended up tidying more e mails (only 170+ unread now, down from 1062 over Christmas) and slowly thinking about future work. I also caught The Wrestler (cliched but superbly played and deeply moving) and Waverider (a slightly disappointing Irish surf documentary) and, disappointingly, didn't do anything of note food wise. I solemnly promise that I won't let that happen again because a) it gives me nothing to write about save for slightly disappointing Irish surf documentaries and b) makes me feel like crap for relying on comfort food and grabbed snacks from assorted naff caffs. At least tomorrow culminates in a fest of good food at The Coach & Horses, with the owners, the lovely Giles & Colette Webster. It's a great gastropub, and one of the few that gets the balance - equal parts great food and proper boozer - right. Plus, with Giles and Colette, you get lovely company and a lot of laughs.

Anyway, more on that after it happens. In the meantime, I did at least get the ball rolling on a day of food-related DVD watching: well, with a blog of this name, the movies need to come into it every so often, right? I finally tracked down a copy of Big Night and today found a copy of Babette's Feast. Now if I can just find a copy of Eat Drink Man Woman (still strangely never released in the UK on DVD) I've got the makings of a fine day's entertainment, plus some very different snack themes to follow. Any other food movies? Post away with any suggestions... Oh, and Roll Models and Buffet The Vampire Slayer don't count.


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