The Pressure's On...

Blimey. You encourage someone to start blogging and then they go and demonstrate an annoying natural gift for it. Take a look at my mate Darren's blog, Squeezing Grapes, and you'll see what I mean. Good work fellah, and looking forward to hanging out in New York later this year.

Ironically, as Darren travels from Australia, I might be travelling to Australia. Over a stormingly good green curry at Madden's in East Finchley at lunchtime - seriously, is there a better way to spend a fiver in London at the moment? - Luke mentioned that his parents are coming to London in April for three weeks... which means their place in Sydney is available. How often in life do you get a chance to go to Sydney rent-free? Exactly. Depending on magazine commissions, it looks like Napa might be deferred in favour of a trip down under. Watch this space for more.

But back to that green curry. I used to think that the Hammersmith Cafe was a good hang-out and a regular life-saver in my Footloose Magazine days. I still make semi-regular pilgrimages to the place as the yellow curry is astonishing, but Madden's is: a) possibly better; and b) all of 12 minutes away, door to door, via the Northern Line. And two courses for a fiver? I won't bother with the spring rolls again - yawn - but the depth of flavour and the proper heat in the green curry would be good value at twice the price. On a day I'd had had to throw an alarmingly large sum to the Inland Revenue, the green curry took a lot of the sting away. And again, watch this space: over the next few weeks I aim to try everything on the menu and report back. And no, it's not blatant piggery. It's an important foodie mission. There is a difference. And as soon as I can think of it, I'll let you know.


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