The Full Irish

I am LOVING snow days. The last couple of days have felt like a bonus, an extra weekend where all you can do is stay at home and either do nothing (which can be lovely) or do loads of errands that you've been putting off (which can be lovely). Yesterday it was all about the rest but today was a fine blend of the relaxed and the interesting. And, because the capital's transport was back to (almost) full power, the interesting was 30 minutes with Richard Corrigan.

Corrigan is a bit of a food hero and my favourite kind of chef: one who looks like he actually eats and enjoys it. After a nervy start - due, it transpired, to him not seeing himself as worthy of interview - he gradually relaxed into the bon viveur and fascinating character I hoped he would be. A transcript (or a link to the Irish Post feature) will follow in due course... Mind you, I can't wait to eat at Corrigan's. Those Dos Hermanos boys have been raving about the place since it opened, Corrigan's previous restaurant Lindsay House is in my Top Five dining experiences ever, and my set lunch at Bentley's last week was also rather impressive. And the menu? Oh boy... If you're reading this blog on a regular basis and you've just clicked that link you can see why I'm excited. It's birthday week soon. I think a lengthy lunch - or even a trawl through several starters - will be very much in order.


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