The Remains of the Snow Day

If there was ever a day to encourage the eating of leftovers and cupboard raiding, today was surely it. Snow is one of those things that I like to look at from a distance rather than experience first hand. The gardens looked pretty, the car had damn near disappeared from view and, aside from a short walk to look at the igloo a neighbour had built - no, really - it's been a day behind closed doors. Happily, there was still a portion of Jalfrezi in the fridge, the remains of the NYD cheese - the Montgomery is so good it'll make your eyes hurt - and a stack of chocolate from the other day. Mind you, on a day like today, you'd also be hard pushed to beat the lunch. A slice of homemade bread, a sprinkling of Kirkham's Lancashire and a sliced shallot. Throw that lot under the grill, serve with cup of tea... bliss. Particularly when you consider a mate's dilemma of being forced to write nice things about Little Bay's new policy of paying what you think the meal is worth.

If you haven't come across Little Bay, it's a very cheap and these days slightly-less-cheerful chain that does simple, stodgy grub for bugger all money. It used to be good and cheap. More recently it's just been cheap: amazing how many places lose sight of the difference between offering good value value and being low-priced. The idea of Little Bay now cutting even more corners in order to justify this novelty promotion is rather worrying as the place has basically become Gregg's with cutlery. The only people it's good news for would be Jus-Rol. MInd you, the chance to go along, stock up on calories and pay what it's worth - I'd suggest about 6p a course - is very probably appealing to wannabe marathon runners on a budget.

While there are bad things associated with Snow Days - such as the likelihood of having to rearrange my interview with Richard "the legend" Corrigan tomorrow as well as dinner with the team behind Gaucho - it's also a good chance to catch up with DVDs and recorded TV. Did anyone see Hunter the other week? It's the best British police drama to hit the small screen since the hey days of Cracker. Get thee to iPlayer forthwith.


nick said…
Nothing wrong with Greggs Neil, it's La Chavroche!

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