Roast With The Most

Or, indeed, a host with the most. The setting? A flat in Camberwell. The occasion? Corrie, a Neal's Yard legend, is leaving London to make her way back to Australia - via Wales, Europe, Asia, etc. The company? Excellent. If there's one thing Neal's Yard Dairy has managed over the years it's the employment of lovely people. Like me, obviously. Sitting around a makeshift table with a dozen or so cheesemongers and others was more like a family gathering than a bunch of workmates. Whether it's that shared love of food or the fact that whatever gene it is that makes people provide fantastic service also makes them good dining companions I have no idea, but it was a great lunch and I was sorry when I had to push back north.

I'd always smirked a little at the idea of Camberwell Green, mainly because it made me wonder if there were other London districts called Trampton or Chugley. I used to be a regular visitor to the area after my mate Al introduced me to the garlic-dripping joys of Pizzeria Castello. Since that closed, I've avoided the area: even the hilarity provided by a bright pink shopping centre can't encourage me to do anything more than drive through as quickly as the jams allow. Things look to have changed though. Camberwell appears to have some bars and eateries worth checking out (comments anyone?) and the colossal Dragon Castle also looks interesting.

But who can beat a roast o
n a Sunday afternoon? Particularly when it looks like the all the piccies here, and is followed by a lemon and ginger cheesecake with rhubarb? Nice one Corrie, and I look forward to the day our paths cross again...


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