Lake's Superior

What a day. Only drove 200-and-something miles but it's taken six, seven hours thanks to tractors and slow-moving tankers. Never mind. The scenery was spectacular and if there's a better car-testing road than the A9 to Wick, I want to know what it is. Seriously. Big hills, stunning forests, wide open spaces and vast expanses of sea popping into view on a regular basis. The journey back from Wick to Helmsdale - where I'm about to dine, surprise, surprise - was breathtaking. I actually pulled into a layby at one point so I could just drink it all in: as in all of the above, plus a blazing, setting sun. It's left me with a silly grin all over my chops. Which, as Mrs Lambshank will no doubt point out, makes a difference from mayo. Or ketchup. Or peanut butter. Or anything else that I've eaten in the last hour or two.

The scenery alone made today an excellent day and I'll get to the blogging in due course. In the meantime - and thanks for the odd nag, sarky Tweet or Facebook message - it's time to digest L'Enclume...

(ooh, battery needs charging, I need a shower and that Scrabster halibut won't eat itself. Back later...)


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