Blueprint Of Happiness

In the middle of a feature at the mo - is it wrong to earn money from Jordan and Peter splitting up? - so will add some more words soon. However, I felt the need to share the generously portioned joys of Blueprint Cafe's stonkingly good value lunch. Three vast and delicious courses for £20? Hard to resist. Throw in the views over the river (and what a sweet touch putting opera glasses on the table) and really great service and you're looking at a very good package. For the record, the above is a little pre-appetiser of asparagus in filo with parmesan, cold roast sirloin with celeriac remoulade, rabbit pie and some lovely veg. Hale, hearty, and really rather bloody lovely.


Lizzie said…
I loved the Blueprint Cafe (except when they opened the big glass windows and I had to eat with my coat on). Excellent portion sizing!

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