I Blog Therefore I...

Without wanting to start a great existential debate, a possible forthcoming (let's say) scenario has got me thinking about the big blogging question. And that, of course, is why do I do it?

I'd like to think my intentions are vaguely pure, and that it's a chance for me to ramble away on subjects dear to my heart - well, subjects that are coating my heart in a fine layer of very expensive fat, more accurately - and talk about things that otherwise I don't get to write about. I'd also like to think that it's about the pleasure of writing. It's strange to think that one of my hobbies is therefore the same as my job, but maybe that makes me lucky?

The blog is also a calling card, of course. It's so much easier guiding people here to prove I can string a sentence together and have a more than moderate grasp of punctuation rather than assembling a load of links or bits of paper. But I think that's it. I'm not after a TV deal (hell, the camera adds 10lbs which must make me look like Cartman in the Weightgain 4000 episode), I can't see the publishers queuing up - I don't have a particular area of expertise anyway - and I'm not a frustrated journalist. Maybe, then, it's more of an occasional diary?

Or maybe, as my friend Anne so accurately described Twitter, it's "only so much up your own arse wankdom". I really don't know but if anyone has any thoughts as to the purpose of blogging, I'd be delighted to hear them...


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