Magic Tricolore

After the moderate excesses of lunch and with Mrs L finally speaking to me again - "Scallops? Champagne? I thought you were just going for a burger!" - supper needed to be a light and vibrant affair.

Happily, a quick detour to the old employers, Neal's Yard Dairy, had resulted in a lovely Pugliese loaf and an assortment of cheese finding its way home: a two-year old Coolea of astonishing depth, a lump of Crozier Blue tasting better than I've EVER tasted it, and a Tunworth that, while not at its pungent peak, is creamy and smooth an
d pleasantly cabbagey. And then, on the way out, I remembered the Beefsteak tomatoes that have been catching some rays on the windowsill, the thriving basil plant and an avocado that should be touching perfection... So I bought some beautiful mozzarella and the results - plus black pepper, sea salt and Mehmet's beautiful olive oil - were perfect summer supper



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