Born & Bread

It was a bready sort of weekend, and it was all due to Mrs L. After a hard day battling bindweed at t'plot, she came home expecting tea on the table. Sort of. Actually, she came home to the smells of the now legendary Majumdar Vindaloo and a nice hot bath because, hey, that's the kind of bloke I am.

As the vindaloo simmer
ed away the last of its excess cooking liquid, Mrs L decided to make her own contribution. Well, contributions. On the side, a salad fresh from the allotment. On the other side, some home made nan breads. The results, after a sticky moment or two, were excellent and, with the whole thing bolstered by some homemade raitah - got to love window sill mint plants - the results were very satisfying.

Then, with the bread bug firmly biting (as, to be fair, it does most weekends), Mrs L spent a chunk of Sunday making her own leaven (and I can't wait to taste the results of that) and, best of all, a milk loaf of gargantuan proportions courtesy of fresh live yeast and a Bertinet-style pounding. Toast this week is going to be rather enjoyable..


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