Fishing For Compliments

Gah. Bloody technology. There I was singing the praises of Tsuru and apologising for doing that before the second half of the promised recap when the laptop - Mrs L's laptop, in fact, as mine has started making funny fizzing noises and making quite pretty blue sparks - died.

And obviously it's eaten my previous post which is a shame as it was undoubtedly the best bloody blog post I have ever written. Ever. Now, with the Dell deciding that yes, actually, it might do computery sort of stuff at my behest, I'm shattered (and oddly hyper, as you would be after a coffee at Dose and a few hours of chocolate tasting at the brilliant Paul A Young's place). So, instead of words of wisdom and beautiful poems about their (freshly prepared, always made on the day) katsu curry sauce and the quality of their fish (Yo eat your mass-produced hearts out), let me just say it's a bit blooming good. Delicious food - if you thought Wagamama's katsu was addictive, then you'll be in rehab before you get over Tsuru's take - excellent value, lovely people and on one of South East London's most vibrant streets. Go. Enjoy. Repeat.


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