Here Comes Summer

There are many good things about the sunshine. People are happier. Cold drinks taste better. And there's suddenly a few hours at the end of the day to potter about the allotment.

This evening Mrs L and I popped down to the plot to get a few bits for supper. A 30 minute trip turned into 90-odd minutes of watering and weeding and shooting the breeze with the lovely people who share the neighbouring plot, while getting veggie inspiration for a fresh, lively supper. With the lettuce selection reaching its sweet, juicy peak, the peas exploding with pods and the sun turning the strawberries an impossible shade of red, we whisked up a cracking salad of fresh goodies - on the plate with 20-30 minutes of being picked - combined with some odds and sods in the fridge & larder. Assorted leaves - sweet, peppery and several points inbetween - a grated carrot of impossible sweet earthiness, shelled peas - surely the best bit of summer until the tomatoes come through? - with warmed new potatoes tossed in butter and sprinkled with celery salt providing the carby goodness alongside a couple of slices of diced pancetta fried with a dash of smoked chillies.

And then, to follow, a few slivers of Paul A Young brownie, the aforementioned strawberries and a spoonful of creme fraiche, which all looked so appetising I couldn't wait to grab the camera.

After a day of moderate abstinence - the start of a project I'll tell you all about shortly - it was worth the wait.


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