Meat In A Bun

My moments of inspiration are very rare so forgive me for gloating over this one. There we were, cruising along the Interstate, pointing towards Dallas with a car full of luggage, cowboy hats and folders. And, of course, about 40 dollars' worth of prime American beef in a doggy bag to be turned into a sandwich.

The thing is, to make a sandwich you need bread. And, given that it's a beef sandwich, maybe a little mayo, some mustard, some tomato, onion, perhaps a little cheese... Suddenly, our simple recycled lunch was becoming something far too involved requiring outlay, inevitable over-buying and cutlery. However, before the word "gah" or something more sweary escaped my lips (and "dogknobs" is my current favourite, should anyone be interested), I had one of those rare flashes of, dare I say, genius.

Which is why, 20 minutes later, we were found stripping Wendy's burgers from their buns and replacing them with slabs of New York strip and Rib-Eye. Classy? Hell no. Delicious? Oh you bet your sweet bippy it was.


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