Reasons I Love London, Part 327

I may sometimes take London for granted. I may often complain about the people, the traffic, the transport, etc. But every now and again, something happens that makes me realise I couldn't live anywhere else - well, not for a few years anyway.

Last night I got home at around 10.30pm. I was hungry. Due to travelling and Mrs L being under the weather, we hadn't been as organised as usual so the fridge was bare. But hey, this is London. That's why, 20 minutes later - including walking, shopping and cooking - the fridge contained assorted goodies and I was tucking into Turkish sausage, halloumi cheese, fresh rocket, tomato, spring onion and cucumber. Nice one London. Very nice indeed.


Helen said…
Agreed. Love it. Top marks for frying the halloumi in the chorizo oil.
The Grubworm said…
Amen and agreed - ain't London great.
Kavey said…
Which shops did you visit? Anywhere you recommend locally for those items?

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