Strip Tease

Just a quick note for this one. Having met up with Mrs L last night in Houston, and having not seen her for a week, I decided the usual manic snapping of arty food shots would have been a bit of an insensitive distraction, so I left the camera in the room and, instead, just ate and drank.

VOICE was shut for full meals but the lovely bar was still open, offering appetisers as bar snacks and some accomplished, unusual cocktails: my "Vault" was a pecan syrup-based take on the Manhattan and excellent, Mrs L's "Bramble" was sharp and refreshing. We also enjoyed some fine crab cakes and even better "Fish & Chips" - tuna tartare, wasabi, taro chips, to be exact. I know I've already raved about the seafood in Texas but it is truly, surprisingly excellent.

It was all a fine preamble to the joys of Strip House. These have been thoroughly documented elsewhere so I'll just add my little endorsement to the 16oz New York Strip and the 22oz Rib Eye.

And while I didn't have my camera last night, I do have it here for the doggy bag. I suspect our lunchtime beef sandwiches are going to be a little bit tasty...


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