Texan Snackage

One of these days, probably over a pint, I'll tell you all about the frustrations of last night. In short, roadworks, a bizarre lack of Tex-Mex outlets and bad signposting - seriously America, I love you, but would it hurt to light the odd freeway sign? Or make them a readable size? Or put them up more than about 10m before the actual turn appears? - had my hackles rising. Or would have done if I'd had the energy to get them vaguely up.

The day had started well with a trip to the Sixth Floor Museum (a surprisingly balanced history of JFK, the assassination and conspiracy theories, and all located on THAT floor of the old Book Depository) and lunch at Sonny Bryan's, perhaps the biggest name in BBQ in this part of Texas. After the lunch at The County Line I knew what the portions could be like, so we shared a platter of ribs, brisket and turkey - plus mac & cheese and some excellent onion rings - and blooming tasty it was too.

The plan then was to graze through the day as we hit some other sights and did some shopping and, ideally, satisfy my US guilty pleasure of Taco Bell. I know there are better places, I know it's mass produced rubbish but it's just something I need on a regular basis. Sue me. And could we find one? Nope. And could we find an alternative taco place? Nope. Well, that's a lie. We saw one signposted all of two yards before the slip road when we were in the middle lane and then, if it wasn't bad enough being on the only journey in the US let alone the state that didn't go near a taco place, I found one at 10:02pm which had closed at 10pm. There was, frankly, some swearing.

However, one place was open, so I satisfied my carb and meat craving with a cracking bacon, steak and sausage pizza, and took some photos of their movie-themed mural.

But I was still jonesing for some taco action this morning and happily found salvation in a great old fashioned diner, called the Metro. Mrs L went the french toast route, I went for breakfast tacos: sausage, cheese, peppers, onions, tomatoes, Chula sauce, served alongside really great hash browns. I left full of carbs, meat and cheese, and with my tongue burning: now THAT'S what I call breakfast.


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