Better Late Than Never

I understand the fascination for the fabled West Coast burger even less now. Why? Because of this little beauty at Hawksmoor.

So... MRM on a cheap bun with Kraft cheese? Or serious meat, minced, loosely combined with marrow, grilled just enough to get the hint of charcoal and served with proper chips and a slice of melting Ogleshield? I know where my heart lies. Sorry arteries.

You only have to spend a few minutes on Twitter to realise there's a lot of Hawksmoor love out there. I was slightly more reticent having had one great meal there, followed by two bad experiences with customer service. And when you've dropped best part of £250 somewhere, I think you deserve to be batting better than .33.

That score is rising again following two burger experiences in two weeks. The best of its kind in London? Well, see previous post for that - and more often than not, my favourite food at any given moment is what's sitting on the plate in front of me. I've also not done the Goodman's burger yet, which more of those PITs* are getting excited about. But wherever it comes on the scale of London burgers, it's ever so bloody good. As, by all accounts, is the brunch.

And while we're on the subject of things I should have tried earlier, here's a twist on the theme: something I should have blogged about earlier. My name is Neil and I'm a Mooli's addict.

Again, hit the Twittersphere for a few minutes around lunchtime and you'll see a lot of Mooli talk. The concept is simple - Anglo Indian street food - but the execution is superb. Soft, freshly made rotis filled with a variety of hearty, big flavoured fillings, rolled up, served with crispy roasted papads, vibrant fresh chutneys and a choice of drinks: yours for a fiver at lunchtime, or six quid if you go for the goat. And you really, really should go for the goat.

In short, this is what London eating should be about. Something that could probably only happen in the capital - although I trust the concept will roll out to grateful punters all around the UK? - that picks up a following partly through word of mouth but mostly because the food is just bloody great. As are the founders, Matt and Sam. I'm currently battling with a one a week (minimum) habit and can advise that the goat is great, but that the paneer, asparagus, pork and beef are also all first rate. I know I'm still to try the "secret", under-the-counter, chat option but, writing this I've just realised I'm yet to try the chicken. How did that happen? Gents, I think you know what that means. See you in the week. Again.

* Palates I Trust.
Hawksmoor, 157 Commercial Street, London E1 6BJ, 020 7247 7392

Mooli's, 50 Frith Street, London W1D 4SQ, 020 7494 9075


Lizzie said…
I am also a heavy Moolis (and Hawksmoor) addict. The pork is my favourite and its getting on at least once a week.
The Grubworm said…
I coming late to the big burger love-in on Twitter, but that's probably because my burger experiences in the capital have been mixed at best. Still, i am off to try Goodman's in a couple of weeks and then must get on to Hawksmoor and Byron.

The burger above looks fabulous - everything a good burger should be, loose, meaty, pink and with loads of good cheese oozing quilt-like over the top.

Struggling with my own White Cross St falafel addiction at the mo so maybe moolis are the way to break it?
Chris said…
What's more fascinating about Mooli's is that everyone has their favourite and will generally stick to it week after week. I'm a beef man myself, though I have been known to go half and half, one mini beef, one mini paneer. Also their brown dahl is superb.

Re: Burgers, there's room in the world, and in London, for the luxury Hawksmoor burger AND a cheap'n'cheerful US-style, in my opinion. I have heard whispers that a couple of our favourite burger joints are working on their version of the 'George Hamilton' (ie. orange and slimy), so watch this space!
annie said…
Love you for loving moolis. It is clean, healthy, tasty and purse-friendly. What more could one ask for?
Neil Davey said…
Couldn't agree more, Mr P - definitely room for both in the market, but I know which I'll be eating!

My biggest surprise with Mooli's is the sheer joy of the veggie options. I had the under-the-counter secret "chat" version yesterday. Oh. My. God. It's chutney-tastic.

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