There & Back Again...

On the assumption I have regular readers, they might recall a glowing post from last November. That told the tale of a spectacular lunch at Roz-Ana, which is probably best summed-up as Norbiton's answer to Tamarind. No, really.

Following a chat with the owner, and following several gushing Twitter "conversations" with several people, I've struck a bit of a deal with them for dinner on Monday 26th April at 7:30pm.

The cost? £20.

The deal? Two glasses of wine, papad, pickles and chutneys, and the
following things to eat..

Starters (choice of one)

Coconut Soft Shell Crab
(Crisp soft shell crab tossed with toasted coconut and mustard seeds)

Chaat In A Box
(soft lentil dumplings in a crisp semolina basket, topped with yoghurt and tamarind chutney)

King Prawns
(Jumbo freshwater prawns roasted in the tandoor, spiced with carom seed and garlic)

(although, frankly, even if it costs extra, we will need to add some of the lamb chops to that...)

Main Course (served - oh yes! - sharing style)

Chicken Tikka Laphroaig Masala

Pork Belly Vinha d'alhos

Dal Makhani
(which all featured in that previous meal, and would all have made it into my Top Ten tastes for the year if I'd written one)

Bagar e Baingan
(Aubergine in tangy peanut, sesame and coconut sauce)

Plain Naan

Steamed Basmati Rice


Chocolate Samosa

If my previous experience was anything to go by, this will be a cracking night out and an absolute bargain, to boot. So, who's in?


Chris said…
Save me a spot please!
Kavey said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
gastrogeek said…
I can't wait! Count me in please
Jennifer said…
Ooh, can my housemate and I come too please?
Kake said…
I am potentially interested! The 27th is a Tuesday though... is the dinner on Monday 26th or Tuesday 27th?
Neil Davey said…
Apologies, yes, I did mean MONDAY APRIL 26TH....
Craig Butcher said…
Yup, absolutely game - count me in!
hampers said…
Oh yes, the lamb shanks are a must. Fab meal!!

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