All Greek To Me

Aside from the lazy word play, I probably didn't need to mention Greek in this title. In the spirit of recent picture being worth a thousand words, I could have just shown this photo

and you'd have instinctively known the location.

Am I alone in craving mezze when I see a view like this? For me, this shot makes me think of great company, cold wine and a lovely graze through multiple small dishes of incredible big flavours.

And that, happily, is exactly what happened. This shot was taken from the outside terrace at Ouzeri, the brilliantly named, typically Greek taverna at the Sani Resort's Beach Club. With the sun attempting to break through the clouds, it was a fine location for an (almost) endless wander through some classic Greek fare.

Home made bread. Grilled halloumi (atop green olives and crisp, fresh pitta) . Calamari. The inevitable - but delicious and herb-dotted Greek Salad. Stuffed vine leaves. Mackerel. Mussels. A rich stew of vegetables and spiced sausages...

It's the sort of food you feel you could eat every day, a rainbow of tastes and textures that makes you feel healthy and happy. Why do I feel our next dinner party is going to have a distinctly Greek theme?


Douglas Blyde said…
Those dolmades look like four fat severed fingers embalmed ready for kidnap release fee...

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