Simple Pleasures

Let's face it: bits of pig will be featuring heavily in this list. There are few foodstuffs that can't be improved by the addition of a properly cooked / cured piece of a pig. Indeed, there are few days that can't be improved by the addition of the same. This one comes courtesy of the Giggly Pig - market regulars with, in founder Tracy Mackness, one of the hardest working people I've ever met, plus a fascinating background story, a very pink butcher's shop in Romford (my birthplace of Harold Hill, to be exact) and some of the best, proper, pig-related British foodstuffs I've ever sampled. And let's be honest here, I've sampled a few. As well as fuelling my Sunday mornings at Ally Pally's farmers' market, the Giggly Pig has inspired this latest - and ninth - simple pleasure: thick cut, delicious, properly crispy bacon.


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