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This morning I've been perusing the various photo files on the laptop, and making little whimpering noises as I realise quite how many posts I should write / have already written. There's a lot of them. And I mean a LOT. And some will no doubt be unbearably smug, but hey, you guessed that, right?


There's a weird dinner in Pas de Calais: cardboard pasty served on damp rope anyone? There are wings and things from Florida. Elaborate meals from Estonia, Latvia and Champagne. Sushi experiences in London and beef and Michelin star experiences in Birmingham. There's my attempts to make Buffalo Chicken Kievs (using chicken and pork crackling as breadcrumbs). There's Nobu and Locatelli and one of the best burgers of the year in Dubai. No. Really. There are more adventures in barbecue. A ludicrously good lunch at Mark Greenaway's in Edinburgh... followed by a similarly stunning dinner at Number One. More from Le Manoir, other things from France - an unforgettable afternoon at a snail farm included - and various bits of London dining. A cheeseburger experiment with Yianni and Niamh of, ahem, varying degrees of success...

I WILL get to them, really I will. In the meantime, however, I've just got back from a few days on The Nile which was: a) stupidly relaxing; b) incredibly hot; c) stunningly beautiful; and d) just great fun. It was also e) very well fed. There's nothing like a bit of sun to show off ripe fruit and veg, is there?


Anonymous said…
Lovely morcel to feast upon mate
Dont leave the fruit out in the sun for too long........goes orf
Loving your blogs

ps your verification thing made me input justgirly to post my response.Hmmmmmmmmmm
Pavel said…
Blog the BUFFALO KIEVS I wants the recipe :^)

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