So, apparently, Blogspot will allow me to post directly by e mail? Well, let's see if it's true.

After several years of hearing how marvellous In N Out Burgers are, last night in Tempe Arizona I got to experience it firsthand. I'd been cynical that much of the enjoyment of what is a pretty basic burger comes from being on the West Coast of America while eating one: In N Out's spread over the last 60+ years has been slightly geographically limited.

I still stand by that a little but, unlike that two Euro bottle of wine that tasted wonderful on your balcony in Greece last summer and like vinegar when you tried to recapture the feeling in the Home Counties, the In N Out burger IS a thing of simple, messy, salty, fatty joy. Fries were not my cup of tea but hey, that just means I'll shun them next time and swap in another Double Double. I'd call that Win Win.


Kavey said…
Can you have one vacuupacked and bring it back to Finchley for me, ta love. ;)

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