Making Bacon. Part II. The Sandwich.

Freshly sliced, properly pink prompting the reaction "well, it LOOKS like bacon..."
And so, the main point of Bacon 2.0: Sunday breakfast... 

As discovered previously, even with a really good knife, a lump of bacon - even one as small as this test batch - is a bugger to slice. For Bacon 3.0, I'm headed to a local butcher for the pork as they've also agreed to slice it when it's done. This time though, it was cut as thin as I could manage, pan fried, nestled between two bits of excellent sour dough, adorned with a little HP and ketchup and inhaled in a matter of seconds. The excess saltiness that marred the previous attempt was gone. Instead it was just plain bloody wonderful: meaty and dense with a hint of gaminess and an underlying sweetness and a rich hint of maple. In fact, why am I writing this when I could be having another sandwich? 

That'll do, pig. That'll do. 


that actually looks so damn good
anyonita green said…
This is one of those times when the ability to reach through a screen & pick up things wouldn't go amiss.
Hot damn.
Fi KP said…
Oh hello hello good evening + welcome.
Anonymous said…
That will do Pig ...that will do ...haha
i can hear the banjos ...but man them slices look good eating
awesome post

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