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Calculating Pie

You may have seen the below video before - it certainly did the rounds on Facebook for a while.  I was reminded of it early on our second morning in Chicago. James, unable to sleep - jet lag and two dinners will do that -  had gone for a walk by the lake, watched the sun come up (ask to see his photos sometime, they're lovely) and had done a little more deep dish plotting, hence this dropped into WhatsApp at silly o'clock with the note "bowl pizza". The rest was somewhat inevitable...  Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder is one of the city's more unusual spots. Founded by a lawyer - the origin story can be found here if you're interested - .it's cash only, no bookings and run by a man who, should catering not work out, could perform feats of memory on the cabaret circuit. We inquire about a table. He tells us 45 minutes. He asks for a name. James gives him his. Nothing is written down. We loiter outside for a few minutes - there's a wai

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