Simple Pleasures, Number 20

I joked on Twitter the other day that, for a man who's written a book about chocolate - which I might have mentioned once or twice - you might have thought somebody would have given me an Easter egg but no, the chocolatey treats are only noticeable y their absence. There was some salvation though, courtesy of Mrs L's lovely Auntie Sheila who, I discovered, has a tradition that highdays and holidays should be marked with the giving of Terry's Chocolate Oranges. I can't remember the last time I had one of these and, yes, sure, as the author of a book about chocolate that I might have mentioned once or twice, maybe I should be marking this weekend with something by Amedei or Valrhona or one of Rococo's finest, but: a) you should never look gift chocolate in the mouth; and b) one segment in, and it was like being a kid again. Like the cheese roll in the previous Simple Pleasures post, it's remarkable how quickly smell and taste take hold of your emotions. You could easily argue that the Chocolate Orange is too sweet or too artificial and you'd probably be right, but that's missing the point. It's fun, I'm struggling to resist just one more segment and I'm grinning from ear to ear. All of that and it's probably one of my five-a-day, right? Thank you, Terry's - and thank you Auntie Sheila. 


Unknown said…
just because something is perceived as cheap or common doesn't make it bad... I have a HUGE love for a chocolate orange but maybe i'll have one a year because they are so special... it is the taste of childhood and my Grandma Jennie all wrapped up in love and Christmas... how can any of that be a bad thing>
Kavey said…
Absolutely - nostalgia is a very powerful force, especially when it comes to taste and smell... and then there's the tactile pleasure of pushing on the orange to separate the segments, and the way they fall outwards... magic!
david miller said…
Found your blog thru a piece in the Telegraph. You have a great feel for what eating is really about. I am sure I will become a regular visitor. Good luck and keep the blog going like it is.

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