Talking 'Bout A Resolution...

It's the 30th December. The fridge is remarkably clear - well, not counting the cheese but hell, we've always got too much cheese - the freezer's decently stocked (lots of portioned out turkey for future curries nestling in the remains of the allotment's bounty) and, while there's a distinct lack of decent whites on the shelf, that's probably good. Because it's resolution time.

For some of you, those people who jog to circuit training and worship lettuce, you probably won't understand the sheer terror the word can instil but this year I'm trying to keep a positive outlook, even with the inevitable dietary / exercise / weight loss vows. Yes, indeed, while I'm generally happy being a larger chap, there's a good 30lbs I can afford to drop so - gulp - that's going. Over the course of 2009. And it's staying off. That seems like a sensible amount / plan. I could do Atkins for a few months and end up a shadow of my former self but one celebratory chip later and I'll have ballooned back to Eamon Holmes-esque territory. So slow and sustainable is the plan.

It's also time to take control of the finances a little more and perhaps start again in the kitchen. So, we're on a January mission. Aside from buying fresh fruit and the odd pint of milk (and, admittedly, dropping a few restaurant reviews into the mix as well), we're going to see if we can survive for a month from the tins and packets and the freezer. On the plus side, the freezer is very well stocked (plus we make our own bread) so the first few weeks should be easy enough. But once the obvious stuff goes - the apple crumble we never got around to baking, the portions of made-from-scratch shepherd's pie, the uneaten salmon from a recent gathering, the bags of allotment-grown veg - we should be forced to get creative.

As for exercise... That's got to be done, so currently researching gym memberships. Contrary to opinion / appearances, I do actually enjoy exercise as long as there's something to watch and the gym isn't pumped full of bass-heavy dance crap. And by watch I mean decent sport or a good movie, not endless identikit MTV stations pumping out cover versions of cover versions. Accordingly, I seem to do most exercise during the Six Nations or around 4pm on a Sunday afternoon. Anyway, watch this space on the fitness front.

There will be more resolutions to follow - getting to grips with Indian cooking as per Iqbal's friendly challenge, for example - but that'll do for now.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have manly work to do. The allotment needs strimming and then the waste needs burning. Rah. And if that isn't a good enough reason to then come home for a shower, a bacon sandwich and the last bit of leftover soup, I don't know what is...


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