Analyse This

Yeah, I know it's meant to be about the food and the movies and stuff - by the way, Role Models and Sex Drive are MUCH better than you might expect - but what's the point of having a blog if you can't rant?

So, can ANYONE explain how to get Google Analytics to work on this bloody thing? The set up of the blog was easy. The set up of all the other Google-related stuff has been easy. Trying to get the two to talk to each other... the instructions might as well have said "go back to school, pay more attention, do computer science, try again in three years". It's quicker and more logical.

As my mate Paul Smith so aptly - and regularly says - Gah.

Anyway, back to the proper subjects and I seem to have it in for pigs today. Bacon and black pudding already consumed and half a pork belly busy defrosting on the side. That's going to be scored, rubbed in salt and fennel seeds, and then slow roasted with a load of wine in the pan. That should result in a crackling of tooth-threatening crunchiness and meat that falls apart on the fork. Alongside it, the last of 2008's potato crop, probably roasted, and, assuming we can get them out of the ground - it's dead frosty out there - a few leeks. I've also got a bottle of Levin Sauvignon Blanc I've been saving for a rainy day. And in the absence of a rainy day, a snowy miserable day when I feel like a complete IT incompetent will suffice.


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