Feeling Vine

Where did the week go, etc., etc. Somehow it's four days since the last post. I can't even blame the thumb injury as it's not really hampering my (suprisingly fast) self-taught four-finger typing process, indeed I can now hit the space bar with some force. And it's not like I didn't have things to write about with a typically fine Roast-fest on Thursday night (an always enjoyable mix of business and pleasure), the joys of good sausage and (jacket potato) mash last night, a delicious pasta dinner tonight with a from-scratch, simple tomato sauce that inspired today's rubbish pun and, inbetween all of the above, the chance to judge at the Academy of Chocolate Awards on Friday.

This was a highly enjoyable and interesting trawl through some of the UK's best filled chocolates and truffles. Allegedly. Some of the entrants were truly awful: it's hard to give any sort of positive feedback when your first reaction to one chocolate is "it looks like it came out of a dog" and the next "it looks like it came out of a dog. Six months ago." However, it did improve. A certain whisky-based chocolate was great (can't mention the names yet, sorry) while a little square of perfectly executed sesame-flavoured product was the best such thing I've eaten for a while. This time I was fortunate enough to have to cut and run before the end, so I missed the almost inevitable "chocolate high" however I don't have that opportunity this coming week when we're judging the chocolate bars... stand by to finish the week with some incoherent rambling.

I've also spent the weekend working on some achievable targets for the next month or so (and, hopefully, onwards). One of these plans is to blog every day and, to ensure I do, to up my game in terms of food consumed or (mostly) of food prepared at home... and then consumed. Expect roast-related ramblings at weekends and many curry-scented misadventures as I throw myself into the world of spices and look East for some inspiration. Stand by your mops, chaps, it's going to get messy.


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