Raising A (Isinglass)

All this eating and days of no wi-fi have messed up the schedule so apologies if anyone's feeling let down. Mind you, on the basis I'm getting a few "stop Tweeting, you're making me hungry you bastard" comments perhaps it's just as well. Anyway, before tonight's dinner - Aberdeen's Marcliffe Hotel - I thought I'd start posting about Saturday...

We stayed at Manchester's Radisson Edwardian which was lovely (well, until breakfast - how can so many hotels get that wrong?) but had to drive a little way out to Urmston for dinner. The venue was Isinglass, allegedly one of the most popular restaurants in the north and, on this evidence, it's easy to see why. Like the Hand & Flowers (see February), it's not without flaws but they're similarly easy to forgive. Any local neighbourhood restaurant that serves its kale with cream and bacon and offers haggis mash as a side is always going to be up there in my book.


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