Happily Corrected

It always comes as a surprise when someone comments on a posting here because I genuinely have no idea who's reading. I've tried to add a counter but I'm clearly some sort of blog luddite because I'll be buggered if I can get one to work.

What's an even greater surprise is when the comments come from someone I don't even know - such as the people behind Mortimer's (see below) and Black & Blue. Accordingly, I am delighted to correct the posting below with regard to the chips - which are not from a packet, but hand cut on-site - and the puddings - also not bought in but made on site.

It's also a pleasant surprise when the owners want to set the record straight, even when the record is my idle, probably little-read food-related musings. That suggests a deep passion for the cause and that's great to see, particularly with this group. As a fan of steaks in general (yeah, you'd never guess, right?), I would love to see a decent chain take hold of London and provide something hale and hearty at the sort of price / quality ratio you can get all over New York. I'd always felt Black & Blue had the locations and the settings but fell short on the food. Now I'm informed of all of the above points and that they recently purchased their own butchers in order to control the quality of the meat more. That can only be a good thing and I am very, very happy to stand corrected.


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