All Things Come Tapas

It's been a long week. That's partly due to the Tube strike - Bob Crowe I hold you entirely responsible for my missed dining opportunities - partly due to having a real desk clearer of a time but mostly down to the effects of way too much sherry on Monday night.

There are very few reasons to go out and drink and eat and carouse on a Monday but, as reasons go, a Dine With Dos Hermanos event has to be one of the best. After the highly successful night at Vinoteca a few months ago, I was intrigued to see whether Messrs Majumdar could better that achievement. They did. That's partly due to the sort of people they attract - and how nice to finally meet the people behind Food Stories, Cheese and Biscuits and Eat Like A Girl, not to mention Henrietta of the Rare Tea Company and Jay Rayner himself - but, I suspect, mostly due to the location, Casa Brindisa, and the chance to consume my bodyweight in ham, sherry, smoked anchovies and an Iberico pork fillet that I may see again in my dreams.

Simon has already gone into fabulous detail about what we consumed, so I won't repeat all of that. Instead, I'll just offer a further pat on the back (x 2) for a cracking evening. And make a mental note that four glasses of PX is good if it's Sunday afternoon on a sofa, and bad if it's Monday evening and South Kensington...


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