And Now The End Is Near..

No, nothing melodramatic, just a Frank Sinatra reference. Given that I'm on "my way" from Vegas it seemed appropriate.

And what can I say? It's been everything the legend of Vegas suggested and then some. I'll blog the final few meals - including the brilliant and brilliantly silly final brunch at Simon - when I can upload pics but, at the mo, I'm on the ickle laptop on airport wifi with a battery that, like me, is about to crash and burn. At least I would if Virgin's plane home was leaving on time, bless 'em.

Still, airport time is a Zen-like experience. You can't do anything to hurry things along so you just have to accept it. For me, that's time to chill with the British contingent from the trip - legends one and all - make silly jokes on Facebook - sorry Richard, we admit you are rampantly heterosexual - and reminisce about the meals, the massages, the sunshine, the shows...

General consensus suggests that Border Grill was the stand out meal, but elements of Verandah, LAVO's family style dining and Botero pushed it a close second. The red wine at Terra Rosa was incredible - I'll look up the name when I can get my notes from the suitcase - and has given me a target destination for the Napa trip in October. And Counting Crows' Travelling Circus & Medicine Show was one of the best concerts I've been to in the last 15 years. And, as hinted above, brunch today at Simon was hilarious and tasty and camp: it's basically all of Vegas distilled into a single poolside meal.

Pictures, more random thoughts and musings to follow. See you on the other side...


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