This Time Next Year...

We'll be millionaires. Well, probably not - not least as I clearly eat most of my income. But I did get a taste of the highlife last Friday, courtesy of the lovely Petra of ChocStar fame.

There have been many good food experiences during 2009. Indeed, it's probably the food that's been 2009's saving grace. I will try and do a Top Ten thing - yeah, it's naff, but I never said I was original - but as a sneak preview, Petra's much-Tweeted Trillionaire's Shortbread will probably feature.

Actually, the Trillionaire's Shortbread - with its ground almond base, wickedly indulgent caramel and all round chocolatey-ness - was a close second to Petra's lifesaving hot chocolate, with a generous slug of rum and a big spoonful of marshmallow. But I didn't get a picture of that, as I was too busy cooing. All I can say is after the hilarious shambolic disaster of the Chocolate Festival Launch - note to organisers: try and ensure your key speaker is there before starting the key speeches - the Hot Chocolate made everything seem alright.


Helen said…
My eyes, my EYES! I Am weeping with joy. The chocstar strikes again. Top work Petra my lovely, top work.
Anonymous said…
Oh my goodness, those look absolutely divine!
Petra Barran said…
Thanks for the sweet support Mr L - you did go very calm and woozy all of a sudden (and I'm sure I saw your eys start to go and investigate the back of your head!).

Do come by for more this w/e if you happen to be in need again.
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Kavey said…
Hello hello, is this thing on? Testing, testing 1 2 3. Ahem, it's ME, Kavey, your own personal blog troll.

You're filthy, stinking rich - no wait, that's the chocolate! ;)
Luiz Hara said…
Great pics, that layered chocolate thingy looks absurdly delicious!

Luiz @ The London Foodie

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