Simple Pleasures, Part 1

I've been working on a number of new "strands" for the blog. It'll still be a random collection of food-related musings but I have a couple of ideas for a series of features and, given the nature of the pun, I'm aiming to work some more film connections in (more on that in a week or two). Also, as the diary calms down, the attempts to work through a cookery book may still happen.

In the meantime, however, here's the first of what I'm intending to be a weekly photographic strand on some of the more basic joys of eating. Some will be dishes, some will be ingredients, some will be fleeting moments, some will just be those oddly satisfying points of interaction... Simply put, if it a) involves food and b) makes me happy, it's in. I had planned to start with a very specific item but a Label Anglais had other ideas. So that's why, as the launch for this strand, I give you, Simple Pleasure Number One: Roast Chicken.


Hollow Legs said…
Lovely post - I agree; roasted chicken is perfect simplicity. What a beautiful brown colour your bird has.
PDH said…
that's a good looking bird!

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