A Suitable Toast

Today has been fun. A completely "winged" pulled pork recipe has worked pretty well for a combination of two recipes I'd wanted to try for ages, forced together due to a lack of key ingredients and given a spin of Lambshank inspiration (read "desperation") when the Cola we had in the fridge was discovered to be Diet Coke. Seriously, who let that through the door?

Better than that, and far more assured of success, Mrs L got the Sunday Baking thing going in a big way with scones (most of which didn't last as long as the photo call), a guiltily pleasurable Milk Loaf and a Stout & Currant Loaf which has delayed my planned detox by about three days. Oh well.


Anonymous said…
Yum, love the sound of all those eats. It's very hard to watch your weight when there's as much good cooking going on as is in your house. Love your blog!

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