Simple Pleasures

I've noticed a running theme with these. There's a lot of fat involved. Unfortunately, there's no getting away from the fact that, as far as edible joys go, fat is where it's at. What's pork without crackling? A scone without clotted cream? Potatoes without, er, a deep fat fryer? It's business as usual then with the latest entry into this "strand", although it also confirms another suspicion of mine, that the best bits of eating are often those fleeting moments. There will be more of those, and more fat in the future but, for now, I give you Simple Pleasure, No. 11: the point where your cheese on toast turns into the golden, bubbling stuff of dreams.


Sarah said…
That just looks delicious - for me, cheese on toast at its best has to be ever so slightly burnt
You're utterly correct. Pleasurable food is almost the same as sinfully good food. But we have to eat you know. :)
Agreed - toasted cheese - food of the gods - love it.

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