Simple Pleasures...

Sometimes things are staring you right in the face. There are lots of things to come on the Simple Pleasures theme but, given how many of them involve pig in its myriad forms, fried things and cheese, I wanted the next one to be something different. I was contemplating it yesterday on and off and it was lurking in the back of my mind when I met up with Kavey and Pete at the Euston Tap last night. Having been lucky enough to stay at Thornbridge one (predictably messy) night (in the Jaipur Suite, dontyouknow), I was delighted to see a couple of their newer beers on the cask list - among many other lovely beers. It was after a deep swig and a contented sigh that I decided to take a photo. I showed it to my co-drinkers, we all nodded sagely in appreciation and Kavey pointed out that I should put it in my Simple Pleasures collection. She was, of course, absolutely spot on, which is why Simple Pleasure no. 13 is the wonder of beer.


Kavey said…
Well, it was obviously giving you a LOT of pleasure, so... you know... seemed an idea!
Guys, can I join you at your next trip to the Euston Tap . . . on the basis that it's near where I leave and in the interests of research of course!
PDH said…
This is the one thing I really do miss about the North... Beer! Not found myself a really good real ale pub yet in the smoke. Any tips welcome though!
I agree, Beer is most certainly a simple pleasure!

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