Simple Pleasures No. 15

I don't generally follow a Simple Pleasure with a Simple Pleasure but, having been a bit flat out, the other posts I HAVE to do - including a celebration of 24 joyous hours at Le Manoir - will have to wait a day or two. Plus, the subject in this post doesn't happen as often as you'd like it to.

Guacamole is, to my mind, one of the joys of life. Those big bursts of flavour, the contrasting textures, the way it brightens a plate or oozes out of a burrito... it's a lovely and simple dish, a real taste of summer. The pain is the quality of the avocados that you can generally find over here or the fact that they ripen, as Eddie Izzard says of other pears, the second you leave the room. Still, every now and again, you get your hand on one that yields its delicious flesh in a delightfully wanton manner and it's one of those that I'd like to celebrate here. So, ladies and gentlemen, I give you Simple Pleasure No. 15: peeling a perfectly ripe avocado.


John said…
Guacamole is tarnished by the homogenous rubbish that is sold by supermarkets in 4 dip selection packs. It never ceases to amaze me how they can turn what should be a delicious textured delight into nothing more than bland green mush!
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