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With an ever growing list of outstanding blogposts to write, I'm trying to pull my finger out a little. There's a slight concern that I'm going to look somewhat piggy: quite frankly, it's going to look like I'm the sort of person who eats like Michael Winner every day when, actually, I only do that about, er, every other day. Oh well. If the cap fits... it's doing better than the trousers. Obviously. 

First though, a little self-blowing of brass instruments, and a long overdue post. Back in May, I was invited on to the Hawksbee & Jacobs show on Talksport to chat about the life of the food writer. Andy Jacobs referred to me at one point as a food enthusiast which could be a euphemism for fat but is probably the closest anyone's come to describing what I do.

Apart from the top of my head appearing on TV during an old Mary Whitehouse Experience ("see the back of that head? That's you, that is") and offering drunken approval of a Giancarlo Caldesi cookery course on an episode of Return To Tuscany, I've not done anything remotely like this before, so the nerves were chirping away as I got the to the studio. However Andy and colleague Paul Hawksbee put me at ease and the planned 15 minutes or so flew - to the extent that the actual tasting bit at the end was a bit of a rush. 

Still, a big thank you to the chaps at Mooli's for the full collection of wraps, Gelupo Gelato for the six flavours of ice cream and Petra at WEST for a few bottles of the excellent St Mungo. Judging by the expression, Andy seemed to enjoy the chicken Mooli.

Should you be interested, the show's still online and I'm on just after 3pm... A brilliant experience. Cheers gents.


Anonymous said…
Wicked post Dude...nice to be famous for the back of the head better than the head of the crowd..
so that answers whose back of the head is that for me...its you....we are not fat we are just more in motion than others...

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