The Starlight Foundation Family Day - A Request

You have probably heard, or seen footage, of the Starlight Children's Foundation's rather lovely and brilliant work. Go and click on the link if you haven't but, in a nutshell, they grant wishes to seriously and terminally ill children, and entertain over half a million children every year in hospitals and hospices throughout the UK. 

Next week - July 31 to be precise, 11am-3pm in Mill Hill - they're hosting a family day for children who are normally hospitalised, plus their parents / relatives. There's going to be a petting zoo, assorted entertainment, probably a handful of celebrities, face painting - and a BBQ for some 500 people. And it's that where we need help. 

The excellent Allen's of Mayfair are providing the meat. While it's being kept simple - it's burgers and sausages all the way - we are still looking for some things... 

BBQs - We need something to cook on. Would a friendly BBQ manufacturer or a large high street chain care to loan us some BBQs? And, you know, perhaps donate the charcoal as well? 

Condiments - Maille have brilliantly offered to donate 40 jars of mustard to the event but we're still after ketchup, mayo and anything else that might go well on a burger. Er, anyone know how to reach the Kraft slice people? 

Rolls - We're aiming for meat in a bun. At the moment, we've just got meat. Lovely meat, to be sure, but still only meat. And that just gets messy. Anyone feel like donating lots of lovely burger buns and hot dog rolls to the cause? 

Napkins - even with the buns, a proper BBQ gets messy. We need napkins for 500 people.

Cooks - I shall be donning an apron and flipping some burgers but if anybody else is free and would like to help out, do shout. 

Other bits - Lots of lovely tomatoes and onions and fresh salad would be good, I'm sure. And any other ideas? Vegetarian offerings? Soft drinks? Cakes? Anyone got an ice cream van (and ice creams) they'd be willing to run / donate? 

Any suggestions / offers / leads, do drop me a line on and someone will get back to you asap.

Please Tweet and reTweet the HELL out of this one. It's a great cause, should be an amazing day and we really need your support getting the word out on this once. Cheers all. 


Anonymous said…
Hope it goes really donations i found if you just call companies sometimes they will surprise you by donating...
Worthy cause ...

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