Swiss Diamonds Are A Girl's* Best Friend

1) Standard apology for being a rubbish. irregular blogger. 
2) Extra bigger apology to the lovely people at Swiss Diamond who sent me "Covered Square Casserole" ages ago to write about. 
3) * when I say "a girl's" I mean " "everybody's"

I could make the usual excuses (work, travel, travel for work) and I'd have a point. However, there's no excuse not to update here more so consider it - should anyone give a flying one - top of my 2014 agenda / list of resolutions. 

So, yes, Swiss Diamond. I got contacted out of the blue offering me something from their range several months ago, with a view to reviewing and offering a competition and such like. Hopefully that's still the case but, being 80% useless (obviously), I'll get to that in due course: hell, a second post is the least they deserve. Not just because of the "casserole bribery" (I'm cheap but not that cheap) but because the Swiss Diamond 6628-2 Covered Square Casserole (to give it the full name) has become one of my go-to pieces of kitchen equipment. 

If you'll excuse the tea towel fluff in the pictures, this has become a ludicrously useful piece of kit. The capacity is great - most recently I've been using it as a generous frying pan to make the first stage of several day's worth of  Simon Majumdar's life-saving dahl while I attempt to undo the excess of three weeks in the US. The flat bottom means it sits very neatly on the hob. The size means it sits very neatly in the oven too - even with the handles, it's oven-safe up to 260 degrees C. I can't comment on the specifics of its diamond-coated interior and what that brings to the table (or hob or oven), but it does seem to cook and conduct heat fantastically evenly and, best of all, it's really blooming easy to clean. It does really good things to stews, bits of slow-cooked pork belly, the dahl... eveything I've thrown at it, basically. 

So, yes, I'm gushing but what the hell. Makes a change from my usual grumpy cynicism. I shall check with the powers-that-be regarding the competition so watch this space. I'd offer to give mine away but, frankly, you're not having it. 


Yumbles said…
Does look pretty useful, hopefully you'll get one for a competition!

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