Taking Stock

While checking Simon Hopkinson's excellent Roast Chicken & Other Stories for Christmas lunch idea, I came across a bookmark I'd placed there probably a couple of years ago. The marked recipe was the one for meat glaze, a base stock I'd been aiming to make since first flicking through the book. 

Thoughts turned back to that recipe this morning while chatting to the charming "Welsh Butcher" at Alexandra Palace Farmers Market and noticing the bags of bones he had for sale. When I got home, I realised the recipe calls for veal shin bones and a pound of beef but I figured, well, the spirit is surely to use what you have to hand? Hence there's now a pan full of beef marrow bones, odd joints of pig and assorted bits of veg bubbling away on the stove. It might not be the full Hopkinson but it smells bloody good... 


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