Simple Pleasures - The Grated Cheese Roll

Just add smell of chlorine
You know what? This might be my favourite "Simple Pleasures" post so far. It's certainly the one with the most nostalgia. 

In recent months, in an attempt to undo the, er,  professional excesses of this "career", I've been doing a lot more exercise, as has Mrs L. She's taken to yoga like a duck to the proverbial, and that even includes a painfully early Thursday session at 7am. So, most weeks - all but one, in fact - I drag myself off to the gym at a time when sensible people are just contemplating coffee. 

This morning I managed a pretty decent work out and a quick swim and, while easing up and down the pool, my thoughts turned to breakfast... and then, pretty rapidly, to Sunday mornings as a kid, when we'd go for a splash around at Staines swimming pool and then, with wet hair (because, yes, I had some in those days) and smelling of chlorine, we'd be allowed a grated cheese crusty roll. And once that idea is planted, even some four decades on, well, there was only one breakfast choice today. 

In an ideal world it would have been accompanied with a packet of those really thin, ready salted, stick-cut crisps - can anyone remember what they were called and who made them? - but, regardless, this has left me beaming like an idiot. Simple pleasures and good memories. You really can't beat that combination. 


Anonymous said…
Potato sticks!
Anonymous said…
When 7 Am is early for someone, I'm inclined to feel grumpy and perhaps jealous of them. On a side note, Grated cheese and a giant bun may not be helping you get the most bang for your gym bucks. Perhaps adding a grilled mushroom or something would help? Or fish, or chicken, or some other lean protein? Just an idea, I know everyone has their own ideas of what is healthy and what isn't. I just think this would taste a little, well, dull.
Neil Davey said…
Could be Anonymous - any idea of the brand name?

And The Great Zambini... thanks for the comment. Never said this was a healthy snack or something I do daily or something that I was particularly recommending as a great culinary discovery, was simply a nostalgic craving as I thought the post made clear. Apparently not then. Regardless, I'd probably suggest that what you're looking for isn't going to be found on this blog. Cheers.
My flatmate would agree with you! Then again, she'd love anything with cheese. Simple pleasures indeed!

I've just started my own simple food blog, maybe you can drop by and tell me what you think? :-)

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